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1000 days after 2000 | state of content 03
thursday - saturday  | 26.09.02 - 28.09.02

tell me why ?
well - sometimes you need an occassion to look back to be able 
to look forward again. so why not celebrate a somehow virtual 
reason to get together - people get togehter anyhow. still it's 
a question of who and where which people meet.
so let us guide you through the jungle a little and follow the 
suggestions...don't worry: as it's not possible to see it all 
all the time we will document the activites and spaces for you...
if you have to reduce to the max come to the bootlab on friday 
and saturday to see what's on the screen...incoming and outgoing 
streams expected if you feel like actively participating...bring 
your stuff and grab a slot...

it's happening time again...
music - literature - film - art - net - performance - design
contemporary stuff only !

> vernissage and introduction
thursday 26.09.02, 21.00, weinerei
dj aussenborder and dabbler

> presentationplaces for free arts and culture in central berlin

bootlab raum 3 / ziegelstr.
sending and receiving event on friday and saturday / 2 euros

> roundtrip friday: 
zionskirche / zionskirchplatz
acud / veteranenstr.
bergstüb'l projektraum / veteranenstr.
mini muschi / invalidenstr.
elisabethkirche / lisalounge / invalidenstr.
rocket shop / brunnenstr.
blumen / brunnenstr.
weinerei / brunnenstr.
libido / brunnenstr.
emil bock institut / ackerstr.
divinyl / torstr.
kachelbar / rosenthalerstr.
kopierbar / rosenthalerstr.
waffengalerie / kleine rosenthalerstr.
i.m. eimer / rosenthalerstr. 
haus schwarzenberg / rosenthalerstr.
platoon / weinmeisterstr.
automatenbar / münzstr.
dna - die neue aktionsgalerie / auguststr.
strandbar mitte / monbijoustr.
koch und kesslau / weinbergsweg
engler und pieper / kastanienallee
walden / kastanienallee
nbi - neue berliner initiative / schoenhauserallee
kunstpunkt / schlegelstr.
kioskshop / schroederstr.
z-bar / bergstr.
die form / chausseestr.
90° / dennewitzstr.

> roundtrip saturday
rundgang mitte galerien / kunstherbst (14-16)
wunder von berlin / hackescher markt (16-18)
aggregat / rosa-luxemburgplatz (20-21)
emil bock institut / ackerstr. (21-22)
staatsbank / weisser rausch / gendarmenmarkt (23-24)
club vernissage / kantstr.154a (20-22)
f.u.n. / mohrenstr.

> external suggested artevents
bunker / inside-out / reinhardtstr.
fraktale III / u-bahnhof reichstag
art forum / the return of the think thing / icc
kunstherbst berlin
> invited remote locations (aussenborders)

<city>                  <regional partner>
san diego      (confirmed livestream)
new york      ,
san francisco 
mexiko                  epicentro
neu delhi     
australien    ,
zagreb                  mama
riga                    http://www.e-lab
budapest                hru
wien          ,
zürich         (confirmed livestream)
london        ,
hamburg       ,
münchen        /
köln                    liquid sky cologne,, 
frankfurt     ,
kassel        ,
networks      ,,

> who's playing
dabbler / tuscon (weinerei thu, bootlab fri)
aussenborder (weinerei thu, bootlab fri)
derraab (bootlab sat)
first men on pluto (bootlab sat)
milchaufschäumer (bootlab fri)
mb01 (bootlab fri)
subcommandante - dj hell trilogy (bootlab fri)
christa biedermann
audiorausch (divinyl sat)
massimo d'electro (divinyl sat)
jayrope (nbi thu)
erlend oye (kings of convenience) and the full effect (s. steinfurth) (nbi fri)
monolake and alexej paryla (nbi sat)
hagemeister und andreas walter (ebi sat)
transformer di roboter (automatenbar fri)
apollonia 6 (automatenbar fri)

> with the friendly support of